Volume No. 7 Issue No.: 2A Page No.: 1016-1021 Oct. - Dec. 2012




Patel G.D.,* Bhatt S. T., Dhaduk B. K., Singh Alka and Kapadiya Dipal

Department of Floriculture and Landscaping, ASPEE College of Horticulture and Forestry, N.A.U., Navsari (INDIA)


Received on : August 10, 2012




Either by loading or settle the dust flowing in the air, combating the air pollution by vehicle and prevents the vehicle users from the excessive light glare during night through the growing of several plant species as well as provided aesthetic value of National High-way. Among the plantation of eight species like viz., Narium oleander cv. Album, Narium oleander cv. Roseum, Narium oleander cv. Variegatum plenum, Cassia bicapsularis, Thevatia peruviana cv. Yellow, Thevatia peruviana cv. White, Calliandra hybrid cv. Alipore and Bougainvellea peruviana cv. Partha were studied out growth pattern for seven month (Pooled data of October-2008 to May-2009 and October-2009 to May- 2010) at NH-8 near Navsari (as Central Verge Plantation Area-CVPA) which was compared with same plant species grown around N.A.U., Navsari campus (as Reference Area-RA). Assessment of all parameters, among them maximum growth were observed at RA as compared to CVPA due to favourable growing condition alongside the polluted area. Among all the eight plant species, minimum interruption in growth parameters was found in Calliandra hybrid cv. Alipore followed by Narium oleander cv. Roseum and Thevatia peruviana cv. Yellow. In case of number of flowers per branch had minimum disturbance noted in Cassia bicapsularis (23.56%) followed by Bougainvellea peruviana cv. Partha (24.31%) flowers per branch. The maximum dust loading capacity was noted in Narium oleander cv. Roseum (187mg/leaf) and maximum light glare interruption (78.29%) observed in Calliandra hybrid cv. Alipore. In case of peroxidase activity of CVPA and RA had remain almost constant in Calliandra hybrid acv. Alipore and Narium oleander cv. Roseum.


Keywords : Karen, Bougainvillea, Cassia bicapsularis, Calliandra, Growth, Flowering, Peroxidese activity, Dust loading capacity, Light glair interruption, Vehicular pollution