Volume No. 7 Issue No.: 1A Page No.: 569-575 July-September 2012




Padmini D.S.* and Venmathi A.

Department of Resource Management, Faculty of Home Science, Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women, Coimbatore (INDIA)


Received on : May 05,2012




Garment industry is one of the most important strategic industries which constitute about 7% of total industrial production in the world and 8.3% of the total trade in industrial materials. Also, occupies more than 14% of the total labour force in the world. It employs about 40 million people in various countries of the world. Tirupur, located in Western Tamil Nadu, South India, is one of the largest knitwear garment manufacturing and exporting clusters in South Asia. It has boomed almost without interruption since the early 1970s when manufacturers began to export to Europe and today it is a leading centre of garment exports for the world market. Tirupur is also known as “T-shirt city”, accounts for approximately 80% of India’s total production of knitwear for export. The work environment in the garment industries is unhealthy and unsafe for the workers resulting in several health problems. Five hundred and fourteen workers employed in 13 large, medium and small scale garment industries in the present study the workers ere participated in a face-to-face confidential interview. The workers were exposed to an interview schedule comprising their details of socio economic background, personal habits, their knowledge, attitude, practice regarding occupational health, body parts that experience discomfort and other health problems. The aim of this study was to measure work environment parameters such as lighting, noise, temperature and humidity and also to assess the safety measures practiced in garment industries using a checklist. The study revealed that the congested work area, unergonomic workstations, poor illumination, improper ventilation, excessive noise, dust and use of personal protective equipments not in practise were the major problems faced by the workers in these industries.


Keywords : Garment industry, Workers, Work environment, Health problems, Checklist