Volume No. 7 Issue No.: 1 Page No.: 166-173 July-September, 2012




Manimozhi K.* and Gayathri D.

Department of Resource Management, Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women University, Coimbatore (INDIA)


Received on : May 05,2012




green revolution technologies have more than doubled the yield potential of rice and wheat, especially in Asia. These high input production systems requiring massive qualities of fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation and machines, however, disregard the ecological integrity of land, forests and water resources, endanger the flora and fauna and cannot be sustained over generations. To a great extent, future food security and economic independence of developing countries would depend on improving the productivity of biophysical resources through the application of sustainable production methods, by improving tolerance of crops to adverse environmental conditions and by reducing crop and post-harvest losses caused by pest and diseases.Indigenous agricultural practices can play a key role in the design of sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural systems, increasing the likelihood that the rural population will accept, develop and maintain innovations and interventions. In this context, that eco-friendly methods are being considered as environmentally safe, selective, biodegradable, economical and renewable alternative for use in organic farming system. Organic farming implies, that the use of organic nutrients and adoption of natural methods of plant protection in place of fertilizers and pesticides. To the maximum extent feasible organic farming system rely upon crop rotations, crop residues, animal manures, legumes, green manures, mineral baring rocks and aspects of biological pest control to maintain soil productivity and tilth to supply plant nutrients and to control insects, weed and other pests. Hence, realizing the importance of sustainable agriculture of farming systems that are environmentally sound, profitable production and maintain the social fabric of the rural community, this study was undertaken to establish and enhance rural environment and agricultural practices.


Keywords : Agriculture, Organic farming, Sustainable, Green revolution, Green manure