Volume No. 7 Issue No.: 1 Page No.: 123-130 July-September, 2012


Nickel phthalocyanine based nitrogen dioxide gas sensor


Datir A.M., Ghole V. S.1 and Chakane S. D.*2

1. Department of Environmental Science, University of Pune, Pune, (INDIA)
2. Arts, Science and Commerce College, Indapur, Pune, (INDIA)


Received on : July 05,2012




Nickel Phthalocyanines (NiPc) synthesised by chemical reaction from phthalic anhydride and urea was used to prepare sensor sample in the form of pellet. Synthesised material was characterized by XRD, UV Visible, FTIR and TGA. The effect of mixture of nitrogen dioxide and air with different NO2 concentrations at room temperature on the electrical conductivity, sensitivity, responseb time and recovery time of NiPc sensor has been studied. The study revealed that the electrical conductivity of NiPc sensor sample increases with increasing NO2 gas concentration in the surrounding air of the sensor.


Keywords : Nickel phthalocyanine, Gas sensor, Nitrogen dioxide, Sensitivity, Phthalic anhydride