Volume No. 6 Issue No.: 4 Page No.: 1078-1082 April-June 2012


Experimental Set-Up for a Channel having Heated Plate with Inclined Blocks and Equilateral Triangles as an Obstacle


Gupta M.*1, Ishu Monga2 and Garg H.C.2

1. Department of Mechanical Engineering, U.I.E.T, Kurukshetra (INDIA)
2. Department of Mechanical Engineering, GJUS and T, Hisar (INDIA)


Received on : March 05,2012




Heat transfer enhancement is the process of improving the performance of heat exchanger systems. Large numbers of attempts have been made to reduce the size and cost of the heat exchangers. Compact heat exchangers are widely used in many industries like chemical, electronics, aerospace, HVAC, process industry etc. So the improvement in their performance with respect to reducing manufacturing costs by using less material or lowering operating cost by reducing energy loss is of great technical, economical, and, not least ecological importance. The performance improvement is necessary in heat exchangers having gases as one of the fluid because the thermal resistance of gases is about 10-50 times as large as of liquids. Achieving higher heat transfer rates through various augmentation techniques can result in substantial energy savings, more compact and less expensive apparatus with higher thermal efficiency. This paper suggests a way to enhance the heat transfer rate by using a heated plate with inclined blocks in a channel along with equilateral triangles as obstacle.


Keywords : Heat transfer, Equilateral triangular obstacle, Forced convection, Channel flow, Thermal sesistance