Volume No. 1 Issue No.: 4 Page No.: 412-417 April-June 2007




Sameer E. Bhagirathi1* and Syed Kamaruzaman2

1. Physical Education Teacher, St. Joseph’S Convent School, Bhopal, (INDIA)
2. Faculty of Education, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, (MALAYSIA).


Received on : January 14, 2007




Heart disease is caused when plaque accumulates on the walls of the coronary arteries and reduces blood flow to the heart. The heart muscle is slowly starved of oxygen and the nutrients carried by the blood. Over time, the heart muscle begins to weaken, and parts of it may die. This article explains about the effects of exercises on heart disease. For instance, the appropriate exercise is aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise refers to the endurance exercises that produce beneficial changes in our respiratory and circulatory systems by requiring only modest increases in our oxygen intake. Regular aerobic exercises can increase HDL cholesterol level. HDL cholesterol is good cholesterol, which carry bad cholesterol to the heart. To ensure the effectiveness of aerobic exercise, this paper also provides brief information on the principles of exercise.


Keywords : Exercise, Cholesterol, Aerobic, CHD, CAD, CVD.