Volume No. 6 Issue No.: 3 Page No.: 514-520 Jan-Mar 2012




Ramanjit Kaur Bajwa* and Bismin Singh

Department of Clothing and Textiles, Government Home Science College, Chandigarh (INDIA)


Received on : May 20, 2011




Men and women mostly look for comfort and style when shopping for garments. Now ever since the green movement has ignited, people are also checking for eco friendliness. Due to the growing demand for green fabrics many clothing companies offer lines made from eco-friendly fibers and consumers might feel a necessity to refocus on what is really significant in their lives, in particular their health via reconnecting with nature. Eco fashion has become one of the lifestyle issues with some designers in the fashion world developing their collections around this notion. The newest change in fashion world is eco friendly fashion. Organic apparel, eco fashion, ethical fashion, social responsibilities are terms that concentrate on the growing environmental issues facing the fashion industry .Green clothing refers to the idea of creating fashionable garments through the use of fabrics that are friendly to the environment and promise health and safety to the people. Green clothing permits the fashion industry to find answers to the growing need of saving our environment. For the success in ecofashion trade, the manufacturing firms of eco-friendly clothing and fashion marketers need to have a better understanding of the needs, wants, consumer preferences and buying behavior towards green apparel and the problems faced by the customers at the product-use stage, so that they can fabricate the products of their brand to attract customers and create a desire among them to buy. Retailers should more specifically target promotional and advertising campaigns and plan and implement their policies more effectively. Fashion advertisements should hit on every human emotion and try to catch customer


Keywords : Eco friendly clothing, Green fashion, Organic apparel, Eco labels, Consumer behaviour