Volume No. 6 Issue No.: 3 Page No.: 397-405 Jan-Mar 2012




Ariana Striniqi La?ej* and Kastriot Misja

University of Shkodra, Luigj Gurakuqi, University of Tirana, Tirana (ALBANIA)


Received on : November 05, 2011




Northern Albania is an area characterized by very high geo-diversity and bio-diversity and entomo-fauna constitutes one of the most significant components. Of the variety of insects, Coleopterans constitute the richest species in diversity and one of most important links in the food chains from the ecologic viewpoint. This study is based on the material collected in the spring and autumn of 2007 through 2010. There have been determined 132 species integrated in 90 genders and 21 families. On account of this study, a database has been elaborated. All necessary information on the Coleopterons of Northern Albania is available in this program. The families mostly represented in type are the Scarabidae family with 40 types, the Carabidae family with 16 types, and the Cerambicidae family with 11 types. The families mostly represented in gen-der are the Scarabidae family with 24 genders, the Carabidae family with 11 genders, and the Chysomelidae family with 12 genders. A comparative analysis of the publications of different authors with the material we prepared has brought to the conclusion that there are 30 new types of the coleopteron-fauna of Northern Albania. Of them, 7 types belong to the Carabidae family, 7 types belong to the Scarabidae family, 4 types belong to the Cerambicidae family, and 4 types belong to the Cuculionidae family. Each type appears with the respective zoo-geographic rel-evance. The analysis of the zoo-geographic relevance shows that the groups that present the great-est type variety are the Palarktic with 49 types, the Euroasiatic with 30 types, and the Eurosiberian with 21 types. Of the coleopterons we determined, there are types (24 types) which are in the list of rare endangered species and are included in the Red Book of the Albanian Fauna. Of them, worth of mentioning are Calosoma sycophanta, Lucanus cervus, Cerambyx cerdo, and Aromia moschata.


Keywords : Coleopterophauna, Northern Albania, Taxonomic data, Bio-ecology of species, Chorology of species