Volume No. 6 Issue No.: 2 Page No.: 312-318 Oct-Dec 2011


Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) MODEL FOR WATER resource management FOR THE sustainable DEVELOPMENT OF KOTTAKARAI ARU WATER SHED, TAMIL NADU, India


S. Tamilenthi* R. Baskaran1 and K. Chandra Mohan2

1. Department of Earth Science, Tamil University, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu (INDIA)
2. School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, Tamil Nadu (INDIA)


Received on : August 13, 2011




Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) model used for the identification landscape to determine the objectives such as to establish the dam or related to water resource studies are useful and effective method. Scattered hydrological models clearly suggest (reveal) the spatial variability of the physical properties of basins and it allows spatial assessment of modelled hydrological variables. TIN model for net work analysis of the stream, Hot spot analysis, existing and proposed dams were identified in this study. In this study, indentifying the characteristics of the Kottakarai Aru Water shed in the lower Vaikai river -basin is located in Ramanathapuram district and it is closer to Bay of Bengal. Conclusion were drawn by use of spatial technology by pointing out the hot spot analysis and Proposed dam.


Keywords : Basin, Triangulated Irregular Network , Water shed , Hot spot Hydrological models