Volume No. 5 Issue No.: 4 Page No.: 880-891 April-June 2011




Bhavana N. Umrikar1 and Nowbuth Manta Devi*2

1. Department of Geology, University of Pune, Maharashtra (India)
2. Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Mauritius (MAURITIUS)


Received on : January 13, 2011




Coastal areas have provided avenues for trade and places for settlements, and also developed scenic landforms and unique ecosystems. With a growing population and increasing trade today, these scenic landforms and unique ecosystems have been degrading at an alarming rate. The West Coast of Maharashtra, popularly known as Konkan coast, is not away from this reality. The northern sector of the coastline including Thane, Mumbai and part of Raigad district has lost its charm already but fortunately the southern sector is still away from such abuse. However, clouds of uncertainty with regard to its fate have already on the skyline due to human induced activities. Author has taken a brief review of the quality of groundwater and its suitability for both drinking and agriculture purpose. In the present study thirteen physico-chemical parameters were determined for 25 samples collected from groundwater sampling stations. The results obtained for suitability of groundwater for domestic and agricultural purposes indicate that there is a marked difference in physico-chemical characteristics of groundwater obtained from different aquifers, landforms and altitudes; and also with respect to seasons. The present work would be useful for deciding the strategy and preventing the deterioration of groundwater in near future.


Keywords : Groundwater assessment, Physico-chemical characteristics, Water quality, Konkan coastline, Climate