Volume No. 1 Issue No.: 3 Page No.: 305-317 January-March 2007




Aashish Deshpande1* and P. K. Mishra2

1 Department of Humanities and Management, MANIT (Deemed University), Bhopal (India) Barkatullah Unversity, Bhopal, (India)


Received on : September 9, 2006




Today we are faced with a series of global problems which are harming the biosphere and human life in alarming ways that may soon become irreversible. Air pollution in cities continues to pose a significant threat to health, the environment and the quality of life of millions of people across nations. Urbanization and associated growth in mobility and industrialization have resulted in the intensification of environmental problems and specifically, air pollution in densely populated areas, causing deterioration in air quality. Many cities in Asia now have to take action to enhance their institutional and technical capabilities to monitor and control air quality and implement preventive measures to reduce the risks that air pollution poses to their citizens. The objective of the study is to conduct an enquiry of the consequences of urbanization on the environment with a focus on managing air pollution in cities. The process of urbanization with enhanced economic activities have lead to increased pressure on environment fabric, in other words the urban development and increased urban air pollution in turn has affected the human health, which has led to declined productivity, poor efficiencies and has compounded the cost of urbanization. Epidemiological studies carried out in cities in developed countries reveal certain dose of response functions, in the form of exposure to a pollutant, and the health response to it in terms of increased mortality and morbidity only, but its relationship with development efforts have remain untouched therefore in this study, linkages of urbanization, urban air pollution and human health is being looked from the development perspective


Keywords : Urbanization, Health impacts, Urban air pollution, Environmental problems.