Volume No. 5 Issue No.: 3A Page No.: 808-822 January-March 2011




Seema Mishra

Government Bilasa Girls


Received on : October 11, 2010




Cultural pollution is affecting our life pattern. The skinny women, who just 100 years ago would have been seen as awkward, unsightly, perhaps piteously at risk for disease, is now the standard of beauty, a goal too often unattainable and frustrating to Indian women today, Bean lean, Slender as the night narrow as an arrow, pencil thin, this is one reflection of our Indian culture obsession with thinners, especially for women. The tendency of uncontrolled dieting is increasing now a day. This may be a cause of increasing suicidal tendency today because several previous studies have been reported an inverse relationship between serum cholesterol and death from violent causes including suicide. Depression and depressive symptoms are associated with suicide and trauma, so the relation between cholesterol and depressive symptoms is of interest. Sudden and uncontrolled dieting is one of the major cause of low serum cholesterol and low HDL, hence depression and suicidal tendency. The sad fact is that all of the weight reducing diets have one thing in common- the weight once lost is more often than not put back on again. Only about 5% of dieters manage to maintain their weight at the new lower level. This is a staggering statistics. It points to the tendency of problem and to the frustration experienced by dieters. Cholesterol is a complex monohydric secondary alcohol being a very important member of the sterol class. Brain has 17% cholesterol in its different parts, also, it is the precursor of many different transmitters as 5-HT (hydroxyl tryptamine also known as serotonin). Even the spinal cord has also rich concentration of cholesterol (12%). So, disturbance in body cholesterol level and its metabolism certainly affects brain and it


Keywords : Hypo-cholestrolemia, Suicidal tendency, Post-partum period, Depression, Psycho-biology