Volume No. 1 Issue No.: 3 Page No.: 285-289 January-March 2007


MAPPING OF HGM ENVIRONMENT USING SATELITE DATA A case study of Block Datia, Madhya Pradesh (India)


Satish K. Chakravarty* and D.R. Tiwari

Department of Geology, Govt. M.V.M Bhopal (INDIA)


Received on : June 15, 2006




Remote Sensing (RS) data and Geographical Information System (GIS) play a rapidly increasing role in the field of hydrology and water resources development. One of the greatest advantages of using RS data for hydrological mapping and monitoring is its ability to generate information in spatial and temporal domain, which is very crucial for successful model analysis, prediction and validation. However, the use of RS technology involves large amount of spatial data management and requires as efficient management of large and complex databases. Information from satellites is becoming more and more important for environmental researches; an important part of this information concerns water


Keywords : Hydrogeomorphology (HGM), Remote sensing (RS), Geographical Information System (GIS), Geographic Units, Water Resources Development.