Volume No. 5 Issue No.: 2 Page No.: 443-453 October-December 201




Deehul M. and Khodabocus B. F.*

Faculty of Engineering, University of Mauritius, Reduit (MAURITIUS)


Received on : June 14, 2010




Though at the start of the decade, environmental management was not of prime concern for the hospitality sector, however with efforts of organizations such as International Hotel and Restaurant Association and World Tourism and Travel Council and as environmental concerns are of paramount importance nowadays, the concept of going green is no longer fashionable or glamorous but it is a fact of life in the existing cutthroat competition. The launching of major environmental initiatives have been of recent nature and the purpose of this paper is to identify the need, benefits, barriers and steps required for the adoption and maintenance of Environmental Management System (EMS) and also to assess the ability of combating the degradation of the environment using the certification method. The case study of the Tourism Sector was used for the purpose of this paper as being a major consumer of energy and water and as it generates a huge amount of solid wastes and wastewater, this particular sector has many environmental repercussions. Hotel ABC which is not certified to ISO 14000, was used for exploring the adoption phase of the EMS Whilstan already ISO 14001:2004 certified Hotel XYZ was used for the maintenance part. An initial environment review was carried out at Hotel ABC to know the strengths and weakness of the hotel aiming at identifying the gaps against the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 and ultimately devising ways so as to fill the existing identified loopholes of the system. Maintenance of an EMS which is a very important phase of certification was explored at Hotel XYZ. Results conclude that environmental consciousness in the hospitality sector through the integration of an EMS is very crucial as it will lead to minimize and avoid environmental damage whilst maintaining and increasing profitability.


Keywords : Environmental Management Systems, Maintenance, Aspect analysis, Waste audits, Reviews