Volume No. 5 Issue No.: 2 Page No.: 359-363 October-December 201




T. Senthilnathan

Velammal Engineering College, Chennai (INDIA)


Received on : July 7, 2010




Nanomaterials from Nanotechnology are widely used various applications such as membrane separations, catalysis, adsorption, and analysis with the goal of better protecting environmental quality. The sensors used for detecting air pollutants are usually produced by coating a sensing metal oxide layer on a substrate with two electrodes The general mechanism for a metal oxide sensor is a change in the resistance or conductance of the sensor when it is exposed to pollutant gas, relative to the sensor resistance in the ambient air. Internet Geographical Information system software applications can be generated by huge databases of spatial information from all relevant sources Also this study is purposed to develop a portable device, composed of the solid-state gas sensor linked to a PDA and through blue-tooth communication, tie it up to Global Positioning System (GPS). The present study is aimed to develop a cost-effective air pollution monitoring system using Nanomaterials based sensors. In order to carry out air pollution monitoring over an extensive area, a combination of ground measurements through inexpensive sensors


Keywords : Ambient air, Global positioning system, Nanotechnology GIS, Gas sensors, Satellite communication.