Volume No. 5 Issue No.: 1 Page No.: 204-214 July-September 2010




S.K. Sharma*, A. Kaushik1, A. Sharma2 and Vijay Kumar Kaushik3

1. Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, GJUS and T, Hisar, Haryana (INDIA)
2. Centre for Environment, WAPCOS (I) Ltd., Gurgaon, Haryana (INDIA)
3. Department of Economics and Statistical Analysis, Chandigarh, Haryana (INDIA)


Received on : January 09, 2010




The paper describes detailed and comprehensive socio-economic study as a part of EIA to ascertain the overall socio-economic conditions of the population residing in the vicinity of the project area and also the population that is likely to be affected due to the proposed project. Further the study is carried out to access the impacts that are likely to occur as a result of construction and operation of RHEP and to suggest mitigation measures to ameliorate the potential negative impacts on socio-economic aspects including the preparation of EMP. The scope of socio-economic study includes assessment of pre-existing socio-economic status, identification of potential impacts due to activities during construction/operational phase and formulation of R and R plan /EMP. The study allow us to examine the impacts of RHEP project and focus on the effects on employment, infrastructure, rural economy and impacts on cultural, community health and gender aspects of life. By studying socio-economic aspects we can create development strategies for the local people residing near the project site and enhancing long term sustainability of hydropower projects.


Keywords : Rampur hydro electric project (RHEP), Environmental management plan(EMP),Resettlement and Rehabilitation plan(R and R plan),Project affected families (PAFs), Social impact assessment (SIA).