Volume No. 4 Issue No.: 3 Page No.: 885-894 Jan.-Mar 2010




Mamta Garg*1 and Manoj Kumar Jindal2

1. Department of Computer Science and Engg., Govt. Polytechnic College For Girls, Ropar, (INDIA)
2. Department of Chemical Engg., Govt. Polytechnic College For Girls, Ropar, (INDIA)


Received on : December 24, 2009




Mountains of e-waste discarded parts of computers, mobile phones and other consumer electronics equipment are quietly creating a new environmental problem. E-waste is known to contain dangerous chemical pollutants that are released into the atmosphere and underground water. The modes of disposal, which include dumping old gadgets into landfills or burning in smelters, also expose the environment and humans to a cocktail of toxic chemicals and poison. The world is consuming more and more electronic products every year. As technology evolves, equipment is retired at alarming rate. This has caused a dangerous explosion in electronic scrap containing toxic chemicals and heavy metals that cannot be disposed of or recycled safely. A serious challenge we are facing is that refurbishing and reuse of computers and televisions, while desirable and encouraged, just delays the ultimate disposal problem. The fruits of our high-tech revolution are pure poison if these products are improperly disposed of at the end of their useful life. In this paper we will discuss various types of substances which are present in electronic scrap and effect of these substances on the environment. We will also focus on solutions to reduce electronic wastage.


Keywords : E-waste, Electronic Equipment, Recycle, Reuse, Export, Landfill