Volume No. 4 Issue No.: 3 Page No.: 866-875 Jan.-Mar 2010




Rao Srinivasa N.S.*1 and Shrihari S.2

1. KUIDFC, Kadri Mangalore - 575 002 (INDIA)
2. National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Mangalore - 574 157 (INDIA)


Received on : November 27, 2009




Maintenance of the water treatment plant is equally important as constructing water treatment plant. In developing countries, maintenance and operation of the water treatment plants are not given the necessary importance. In this study the Dynamic Programming algorithm for functional design of water treatment system was developed based on the norms recommended by the Indian Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organization manual. A medium size water treatment plant with a capacity of 27.5 million litres per day capacity was considered for case study. The basin performance was evaluated from the performance of the slow mix unit of water treatment plant. Sensitivity coefficients were calculated for different output parameters by effecting modest changes in the input design parameters. The model developed was found to be stable. This study helps in identifying the crucial parameters in a complex water treatment system and in deciding a broad operation policy with respect to maintenance of the system.


Keywords : Operation and maintenance, Sensitivity Analysis, Sensitivity coefficients, Water Treatment Plants