Volume No. 4 Issue No.: 3 Page No.: 750-757 Jan.-Mar 2010




Hemapriya R., Sankar K. and Imran A. Dar*

Department of Industries and Earth sciences, Tamil University, Thanjavur


Received on : December 01, 2009




The present study area (Gadilam river basin) lies between 79o05’ and 79o27’ east longitude and between 11o55’ and 11o45’ north latitude covered Villupuram and Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu. The basin area is demarcated from the survey of Indian topographical maps and covers an area about 860 km2. The problem of the present study is a representative case of overexploitation of groundwater resources, leading to the continuous exhaustion of the grained as well as the groundwater aquifers. The application of the increasingly and internationally accepted method of artificial recharge on the ground water aquifer was decided to be the most effective for the restoration of balance of the hydrogeological System. The details of Hydrological conditions of the area is necessary for the success of the method, whose planning has to be made based on the principles of environmental protection and sustainable development. Use of state-of-the-art technology and estimation of all the parameters involved, which are necessary, have been taken into account. Geological , geomorphological, landuse etc., investigation of the study area, which is necessary for groundwater resources evaluation has been digested well in this paper.


Keywords : Geomorphology, Geology, Groundwater, Remote sensing, GIS, Gadilam basin