Volume No. 4 Issue No.: 2 Page No.: 643-650 Oct.-Dec 2009




Abhijeet S. Gandage*1 and M.S. Ranadive2

1. Department of Civil Engineering, Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune (INDIA)
2. Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, Pune (INDIA)


Received on : September 14, 2009




Most of the disasters are caused due to neglect or uncontrolled exploitation of Natural Ecosystems. Well managed ecosystems can help to mitigate disasters like landslides, cyclones, floods. In case of long term Relief and Disaster Management works focus should be directed to development, protection and sustainance of ecosystems. Ecosystems can act as first line of defense for vulnerable community against disasters. Ecosystem Approach of Disaster Management aims at planning, designing and implementation of strategy to manage or restore ecosystems and their services that will help in satisfying human livelihood needs. Also it focuses on sensitizing human community on importance of ecosystem and their contributions and responsibilities in protecting the sustaining ecosystem. No efforts to restore ecosystems after a major disaster can cause significant economic and environmental losses and impose hardships on already vulnerable community. Ecosystem approach to Disaster Risk Reduction1 includes the following


Keywords : Ecosystem, Disaster Management, Community Participation.