Volume No. 1 Issue No.: 3 Page No.: 219-226 January-March 2007




Salman Rauoof Chalkoo1*, T. A. Qureshi2, A.M. Najar3 and Aamira Sha

1. Department of Fisheries, Govt. of Kashmir (India) 2. Department of Applied Aquaculture, Barkatullah University, Bhopal (India) 3. Division of Fisheries, Sher


Received on : August 14, 2006




An investigation on the effect of application of livestock manure, the biomass of aerobic heterotrophic bacteria and Colicin population and distribution of Aeromonas, Pseudomonas and pathogenic bacteria of the human digestive tract which are also present in the body mucus of common carp, grass carp, silver carp and golden carp as well as in pond water (on the application of manure of chicken, duck and cow) was conducted in the fish farming areas in District Baramulla, Kashmir-India. The results show less frequency of fish pathogenic bacteria in the three kinds of manure. Aeromonas and Pseudomonas population were, however, higher in the manured pond water than in the non-manured pond. Although there was fewer amounts of fish pathogenic bacteria in the animal manure, body mucus of common carp and grass carp which well in the pond bottom and mid-level can cause the occurrence of Pseudomonas, is one of the pathogens of Stigmatosis, due to the decomposition manure in the pond bottom. With the exception of chicken manure in which there was group E salmonella, no other pathogenic bacterium was found in the manure of duck and cow. None was found either on the fish body or in the fish viscera in the manure-applied fish pond. Bacteria were pathogenic. The fish cultured in the manure-applied pond were descaled and washed; the quantity of Colicin was reduced by 100-1000 times, the concentration of which was almost the same as that in the manure-free pond. MPN was less or equal to 40*** (***MPN), the most probable number of Colicin within sq. cm of fish body. Results indicated that the fish cultured in manure-applied ponds after treatment by washing is as hygienic as the other human food.


Keywords : MPN, Livestock manure, Aerobic heterotrophic bacteria, Aeromonas, Pseudomonas.