Volume No. 4 Issue No.: 2 Page No.: 549-553 Oct.-Dec 2009




P.B. Patel*, V.S. Rane1, S.T. Hamde2 and B.S. Chaudhari3

1. Dr. D.Y. Patil Institute of Engineering and Technology, Pune-411018 (INDIA)
2. Sant Guru Gobind Sinji Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nanded-431606 (INDIA)
3. International Institute of Information Technology, IT Park, Hinjawadi, Pune-411057 (INDIA)


Received on : September 02, 2009




The characterization of the various properties of an optical wave field is extremely important in the field of current fiber optics research. According to Maxwell’S equations, wave fields contain the properties of both amplitude and phase and which is a function of space-time. In practice, it is possible to measure only the amplitude squared [intensity] of the wave field directly, using various means like, digital or other detectors, photographic film, or the human eye. But it is difficult to directly measure the phase1 of the wave field, as it is not possible to make detectors with a temporal bandwidth comparable to the oscillation of optical or quantum mechanical fields. The ability to reconstruct the phase of an optical wave field has many applications like in removing the effects of atmospheric turbulence in astronomy, in the imaging of materials in electron microscopy etc. The characterization of optical phase is also important in the bio-medical parameter measurement applications. Many different approaches have been developed to overcome the phase problem. Each one of these techniques has own advantages and disadvantages, which largely depend on the various system parameters. Ideally, researchers would like a technique for the reconstruction of phase information that provides phase structure directly using simple measurements. The novel method of phase retrieval based on the Transport of Intensity Equation (TIE), is one such technique, allowing us to recover both quantitative and qualitative phase information directly from intensity measurements.
These proposed studies will highlight the background for TIE phase recovery, which will be helpful in Biotechnology and Biomedical Parameter Sensing areas.


Keywords : Biotechnology, Wave field, Bandwidth and Detector.