Volume No. 3 Issue No.: 3 Page No.: 817-829 Jan-Mar 2009




S. Paul Sebastian*, C. Udayasoorian, R.M. Jayabalakrishnan and E. Parameswari

Department of Environmental Sciences,Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, Coimbatore


Received on : October 20, 2008




Sugarcane is known to be moderately sensitive to salinity. Excess of cations such as sodium and anions like carbonate, bicarbonate and chloride present in irrigation water, may affect the growth and yield of sugarcane. To realise this problems field experiments were conducted to screen the saline tolerant sugarcane varieties for poor quality irrigation water under different amendments. The field experiment - I was conducted on sandy loam soil with treated paper mill effluent as irrigation source and experiment - II was conducted on sandy clay loam soil with saline groundwater as irrigation source, during October 2006 - January 2008 in a split plot design, with three replications. The experiment consists of seven main plot treatments i.e. basal application of 500 kg ha-1 gypsum (control), 50 % Gypsum Requirement (GR), 50 % GR + FYM @12.5 t ha-1, 50 % GR + composted coir pith @ 12.5 t ha-1, 50 % GR + vermicompost @ 5 t ha-1, 50 % GR + pressmud @ 6 t ha-1, 50 % GR + pressmud @15 t ha-1 along with 100 % NPK . The sub plot treatment consist of four saline tolerant varieties viz., COC(SC)23, COSi(SC)6, COG(SC)5 and CO86032. Based on the results obtained from the field experiments, it could be concluded that the saline tolerant sugarcane variety COSi(SC)6 performed better under pressmud @ 15 t ha-1 + 50 % GR + 100 % NPK with in situ incorporation of green manures (Daincha- Sesbania aculeate) on 45 DAP and application of foliar micronutrient spray (1 % FeSO4 + 0.5 % ZnSO4 + 0.5 kg urea) on 45th and 75th DAP. Among the different saline tolerant sugarcane varieties, CO86032 recorded superior quality parameters followed by COC(SC)23. Higher values of brix %, pol % cane, pol% juice, purity co-efficient, POCS and CCS were recorded in CO86032 under control, the fiber content was high in COSi(SC)6 under FYM @ 12.5 t ha-1 + 50 % GR.


Keywords : Sugarcane varieties, Gypsum, Composted coir pith, Vermicompost, Pressmud.