Volume No. 3 Issue No.: 2 Page No.: 585-591 Oct-Dec 2008




Vikram Singh

Department of Engineering and Technology
Chaudhary Devi Lal University, Sirsa, Haryana (INDIA)


Received on : July 30, 2008




Today it is hard to imagine a progressive life without modern electronic equipments as much as that these electronic gadgets have become almost indispensable in contemporary society. And, it is exactly because of these equipments becoming so ubiquitous that consumers of these modern electronic and information technology equipments need to be aware of the negative impact of manufacturing, usage, and disposal of these tools. With the electronic chips becoming smaller and more powerful, their manufacturing becomes extremely energy intensive and therefore significant for climatic and ecosystem changes, fossil fuels and other energy resources. Current understanding of the health and environmental impacts of computers and other such tools is inadequate but the serious long-term problems that the information technology boom might lead to, can no longer be ignored. This paper examines the short and long term environmental cost of information technology and related tools; challenges faced by society in wake of mounting pile of e-waste; and roles that manufacturers, individual and corporate users, and governments can play to offset or control the rate of depletion of environment and natural resources.


Keywords : Environment, Electronic waste, Recycling, Computer.