Volume No. 3 Issue No.: 1 Page No.: 316-324 July-Sept 2008




Azita Koushafar*1 and Azadeh Amiry2

1. Faculty of Islamic Azad University of Ahvaz, The Environment Department (IRAN)
2. Faculty of Islamic Azad university of Ahvaz, The Geographic Department (IRAN)


Received on : March 14, 2008




Population growth, industrial development, natural resources unexpected reduction, pollution increase, economic growth and resources equal distribution-failure are the factors which base environmental crisis’S. So, it is not unexpected to restrict or remove these crisis’S. This restriction perspective will come in eyesight while modern mankind tries to prevent these crisis’S. In our view point, natural resources and environment are to response human needs; in addition we have to minimize our negative effects on them. The first step is to recognize the present situation and second to discover and remove the negative and destructive factors, and then we must begin to repair the destructions. On the other hand we should study to provide a predicting model to find the optimum place and method regarding to requirements and consequences wherever it is necessary to do developments in fields such as civil, industry and agriculture. Finally, it can be said that success in overcoming the critical and destructive situations, needs the past procedures revision, problems perception, capabilities, opportunities and defects causes finding and deep attention to available opportunities and the time and place perception of the current situation. Under such rules, it is possible to develop the land use system through revision and correction in each section.


Keywords : Land use, Environment, Natural resources, Economic growth.