Volume No. 3 Issue No.: 1 Page No.: 203-207 July-Sept 2008




Mudrika Ahmed*1, F.B. Bux and Ruhi Huque2

1. Department of Science and Humanities, G. H. Raisoni College, Nagpur (INDIA)
2. Department of Chemistry, Govt. G. G. G. P. G. College, Bhopal (INDIA)


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New acid hydrazide and several hydrazones bearing 8-hydroxy quinoline moiety have been synthesised and tested their antifungal activity.
In the present investigation 7-? (2, 3-substituted phenyl-?-4 carbethoxy anilino)- methyl -8- qunolinol where treated with 85% hydrazine hydrate in ethanol. It furnished-?-7 (8-quinolinolyl)-?-(2, 3-substituted phenyl-? (4-amino methyl) benzo hydrazide in good yield. For the preparation of hydrazones of the ketones, the equimolecular amount of acid hydrazide and desired ketone in the presence of absolute ethanol was refluxed for half an hour. The structures of these compounds have been characterized by molecular study and spectral analysis (IR). All the compounds gave characteristic colors with concentrated sulphuric acid or 1% ferric chloride solution or concentrated nitric acid.
The acid hydrazide and ten hydrazones have been tested for fungicidal activity against Phytopthora paracitica var. piperina, by agar diffusion technique method. The acid hydrazide, (


Keywords : Fungitoxicity, Saprophytic parasite, Hydrazones, Spectral analysis.