Volume No. 1 Issue No.: 1 Page No.: 92-96 July-September 2006




Manisha Anand

Department of English, Govt. Geetanjali Girl’S College, Bhopal (INDIA)


Received on : April 8, 2006




In English Literature, Nature is portrayed to be loving, inspiring, kindly and friendly in its stature and grandeur. While my detailed research on Thomas Hardy, I found that he is the person who portrayed Nature as an inspiring and compassionate element for the enrichment of human existence in his early poems. Nature is conducive to human existence and content in his life. Hardy’S earlier poems are chiefly nature poems where nature is depicted as a companion of human beings. However, in his later poems we find that Nature become indifferent to the existence of mankind and its sufferings. Hence he not only appreciated its beauty and generosity but also highlighted malevolent aspect of nature, after it having been exploited rather ruthlessly by mankind. He sees both the good and the evil sides of Nature. The malicious aspect of Nature is touched rarely. Hardy portrayed the helplessness of men in the face of natural calamities. A detailed examination of Hardy’S poetry reveals his exploration of man’S suffering amidst Nature - a suffering mainly caused by man’S own materialistic way of life. Hardy, a keen observer of the disturbance in the natural environment has clearly depicted man’S destruction of Nature’S wealth. Therefore, Hardy stated that the man must treat Nature as a living being that will make his existence perpetually sustainable Man’S existence can be successful only if he is sufficiently devoted towards conservation of natural environment.


Keywords : Eternal, Nature, Humanist, Companion, Neutrality.