Volume No. 1 Issue No.: 1 Page No.: 87-91 July-September 2006




Vibha Jain

Department of English, Govt. Geetanjali Girl’S College, Bhopal (INDIA)


Received on : April 28, 2006




The chief characteristic of the modern age is the breakdown of values. The world has broken down into pieces. The outlook of the modern generation has become scientific rather than emotional and natural. The modern man has become more economic rather than moral or sentimental. Another change that has come in the modern life is the worship of power then beauty. There has been a decay of old and moral religious order and a change in the basis of education, which has become more and more strictly scientific. All these changes are taking the whole world into different direction where we see more and more urbanization, more industrialization more computerization, more roads, more railways, more technologies in the name of development and as a result of all these changes we are at a great loss. We have become the biggest enemy of natural environment and this environment, the surrounding is of main importance and to protect this environment we need a revolution in every field we have to understand the problem at the grass root level. In the field of education before choosing the subject and selection of topics for further studies we have to think benefits and overall impact of out studies in our career, in our life and in our surrounding. For all this we have to remould our psyche towards the actual real and positive development. This study is an analysis of modern scientific education versus humanistic education. It also shows the psychology behind education the choice of subject and the motto of studies.


Keywords : Psyche, Breakdown, Remould, Humanistic, GNP growth