Volume No. 2 Issue No.: 3 Page No.: 441-442 January-March 2008




Mohammad Koushafar*, S.M. Khajehbashi1 and S.M. Talebi2

1. Islamic Azad University, Ardestan Branch, Ardestan (Iran)


Received on : August 5, 2007




Methyl tertia butyl ether (MTBE) is an organic compound with widespread used in unleaded gasoline. Although the using MTBE had some environmental advantages, it was soon cleared that this compound has adverse effect on environment and human health. Different methods have been introduced for treatment of MTBE from groundwaters. These methods are generally expensive and inefficient. Phytoremediation introduce as an effective and inexpensive technology for removal of MTBE from groundwaters and soils .In this work, the ability of Lavandula vera for removal of MTBE from water has been investigated. The plants were put in to the isolated water vessels containing a solution of MTBE with a concentration of 2000 at greenhouse condition. The water samples were analyzed for MTBE and transpiration was calculated. The mass balance method was used For estimate of the ability of the plant for removal of MTBE from the aqueous media. MTBE mass reduction of 34.86% was obtained due to the action of this plant and the volume of water transpiration was 43.33 cc in a week. High degree of removal MTBE by Lavandula vera in a short time indicates the great potential for phytoremediation of MTBE by this plant.


Keywords : MTBE, Lavandula vera, Phytoremediation, Unleaded gasoline