Volume No. 2 Issue No.: 3 Page No.: 340-346 January-March 2008




Subrata Datta

Department of Zoology, East Calcutta Girls


Received on : August 17, 2007




It has been reported that different insecticides and pesticides which are commonly used in the field, not only cause harm to the adult animals but also in their embryonic stages. Of the different pesticides, we have used Furadan-3G (Carbofuran insecticide) and Malathion (Organo phosphorus/ water soluble) to know their effects on the embryonic stages of the chick. Rhode Island Red and white leg horn-these two varieties of poultry chickens were used in this study. Sterile distilled water was used for control set and the whole experiment was done in aseptic (sterile) condition. Immediately after fertilization, the fertilized eggs were incubated in different hours in an artificial incubator. For this, first, the Furadan was injected on to the airspaces of the freshly fertilized eggs of the chickens in differents doses at ug (microgram) level and immediately after injection, the injected portion was sealed by a mixture of molten paraffin and lac. Similarly, the Malathion was used. Immediately after treatment, the eggs were incubated in an incubator. L D 50(lethal dose) was 50 ug /ml. After 24 hours, 48 hrs. and 72 hrs. of incubation the treated eggs were ruptured and the embryos of different hours were preserved in 70% alcohol in respect to the control sets in each case. After dehydration and eosin staining and mounting, the permanent slides containing embryos were examined. The Furadan and Malathion treated embryos showed


Keywords : Pesticides, Carbofuran (Furadan-3G), Malathion, Chick embryos, Terata, Aseptic condition