Volume No. 10 Issue No.: 1 Page No.: 139-144 July-September 2015




Jain A. R.1 and Khambete A.K.*2

1. Municipal corporation, Surat (INDIA) 2. Department of Civil Engineering, S.V. National Institute of Technology, Surat (INDIA)


Received on : March 02, 2015




Air quality is affected not only due to conventional air pollutants but also due to unpleasant odour. Odour has distinctly different characteristics and is undoubtedly the most complex among air pollution problems. Odour or malodour, which refers to unpleasant smells, is now a day’s considered as an important environmental pollution issues. Till date, not much attention has been paid towards odour problems in India. India is the largest producer of pesticides in Asia. Odorous substances from pesticide industries are generally ammonia, chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, ozone, sulphur dioxide and mercaptans etc. This paper discusses the sources of odour in pesticide industries and some controlling methods.


Keywords : Odour pollution, Chemical compounds, Pesticide industries, Control technologies Health impact