Volume No. 9 Issue No.: 3A Page No.: 976-980 January-March 2015




Mangesh Gulhane and Ashwini Ingale*

Department of Civil Engineering, Government College of Engineering, Amravati, Maharashtra (INDIA)


Received on : October 16, 2014




The present paper discusses various aspects related with treatment of wastewater using Modified Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MMBBR). The paper further discusses about the various options adopted for operation of MMBBR. The experimental study was carried out to study the performance of reactor based on attached and suspended growth system by using MBBR. The study revealed that the MMBBR can prove to be good biological treatment option with less power consumption and higher removal efficiency. At optimal speed of 10 rpm reduction in BOD, COD, TS was observed to be 89%, 87% and 88% respectively. The results obtained during the study will be tabulated and presented graphically


Keywords : Wastewater, MBBR, MMBBR, Attached growth, Suspended growth