Volume No. 9 Issue No.: 3A Page No.: 889-892 January-March 2015




Hend G. M.,* Sonawane R. P. and Patil D. S.

Department of Chemical Technology, Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati Maharashtra (INDIA)


Received on : October 10, 2014




The dehydrated coconut chips is a ready- to- eat food and can be used as a crisp snacks. No frying is required before consumption. If you want it as fresh kernel, immerse the sweet chips in a hot water so that it is dehydrated. And can be used at any time. The main advantage of coconut chips is that it is having its own coconut flavour since no oil is required for frying. In the present study, four samples A, B, C and D were prepared with various proportions of sugar and salt. i.e. 100% : 0% (A), 0%:20% (B), 95%:5% (C) and 100%:0% (D) sample D was kept as control one. It was found from the study that sample C was comparable to D. Also sensory evaluation revealed that sweet and salty chips i.e. sample C was comparable to A, B and D in terms of sensory attributes of color, flavor, taste and overall acceptability etc. Thus value added and nutritious product i.e. coconut chips can be prepared form coconut moreover it has no trans fatty acid make it more beneficial for human health compared to other chips


Keywords : Ready to eat, Coconut chips, Trans fatty acid, Sensory evaluation, Osmotic dehydration