Volume No. 9 Issue No.: 3 Page No.: 617-620 January-March 2015




Shukla M. Pushkar*, Patel A. Jayesh and Joshi P. Pradeep

International Waste Research and Technology Centre, A Division of Energy Projects Limited, Vadodara (INDIA)


Received on : October 10, 2014




Pickling is a very important process in steel industry and leads to generation of acidic effluent which forms sludge when neutralised. The sludge generated contains high concentration of metals like Fe, Ni, Ca and thus is hazardous, making it difficult to dispose. Recovery of industrially useful metals like nickel is essential from economic as well as environmental point of view. The sludge contains around 8.93 % nickel, which was recovered as sulphate salt, 8.89 g of NiSO4.6H2O recovered from 25 grams of sludge. Calcium sulphate (gypsum) was obtained as a by product (22.32 g) in the procedure. In this method, about 97% pure nickel sulphate hexa hydrate was obtained. The overall process was found to be techno-economically feasible.


Keywords : Nickel, Recovery, Gypsum, Pickling sludge, Economic