Volume No. 9 Issue No.: 2 Page No.: 306-317 October-December 201




Patel Kamal1, Desai Hemangi2* and Desai Hitesh3

1. TIFAC-CORE in Environmental Engineering, Surat (INDIA) 2. Shree Ramkrishna College of Computer Education and Applied Sciences, Surat (INDIA) 3. Sarvajanik College of Engineering & Technology, Surat, Gujarat (INDIA)


Received on : July 19, 2014




The present study describes the Quality of river Tapi of Surat city, India. The water samples were collected from four sites- Causeway, Chowk , Navadi , Chowpati. Four samples were brought from above mentioned different sites each 2 weeks at the time of tide. The evaluation of water quality was done by analyzing different physico chemical parameters like COD, TDS, TSS, DO, BOD, hardness, Alkalinity, Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphate and compared with each other and concluded from the statistical analysis that the water quality of causeway is less polluted, Chowk site is moderately polluted, Navadi and chowpati sites are highly polluted. From the experimental data and graphical representation, it has been concluded that the parameters from these three sites, Chowk , Navadi , Chowpati were observed beyond the GPCB limits. This reflects alarming pollution level in the river Tapi, because of the rapid industrialization and urbanization. Moving water dilutes and decomposes pollutants more rapidly than standing water, but many rivers and streams are significantly polluted all around the world. A primary reason for this is that all three major sources of pollution (industry, agriculture and domestic) are concentrated along the rivers. Industries and cities have historically been located along rivers because the rivers provide transportation and have traditionally been a convenient place to discharge waste. Agricultural activities have tended to be concentrated near rivers, because river floodplains are exceptionally fertile due to the many nutrients that are deposited in the soil when the river over flows. To overcome this sensitive and critical issue specific treatment has to be decided for the industrial effluents before discharge it into the surface water resources. The special attention and the remedial measures must be given to the problem of Tapi river contamination to prevent life of flora and fauna.


Keywords : Water quality, Pollution, Physico chemical analysis, Statistical analysis, Tapi river contamination