Volume No. 9 Issue No.: 2 Page No.: 287-292 October-December 20




More B. C.*1 and Patole S. S.2

1. Department of Zoology, K. A. M. Patil ASC College, Pimpalner, Sakri, Maharashtra (INDIA) 2. Department of Zoology, V.V.Mís. S. G. Patil ASC College, Sakri ,Maharashtra (INDIA)


Received on : July 10, 2014




Around 1970s and 1980s plant like Laucaena leucocephala and Moringa oleifera were promoted as a miracle trees for multiple uses and has potential to use as a green manure to improve the soil structure. So present study has been conducted to explore the possibility of enrichment of compost by microbial inoculation using three tier systems. The organic material viz., Laucaena leucocephala Linn (Subabhool) and Moringa oleifera Linn (Shewaga) were collected locally and subjected to bio-inoculation followed by vermicomposting to shorten stabilization time and improve vermicompost quality. The organic material alone and in combination of biocatalyst with earthworms and earthworms with biocatalyst was decomposed for 90 days. After three months of experimental growth and reproduction performance of earthworm, Eisenia foetida was checked and counted. The maximum number of worms were observed in the vermibed containing biocatalyst and worms i.e. A3 (75.49 %) and B3 (75.12 %) as compared to the vermibed containing only worm along with soil and CD i.e. A2 (72.06 %) and B2 (71.71 %). It means earthworm activities are closely associated with microbial activities. Simultaneously, vermicompost were subjected for analysis of total macro and micronutrients like N, P, K, Mg, Ca, Na, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn and pH and organic carbon etc were determined by various methods. The Laucaena leucocephala leaf litter bed along with soil, cow dung, earthworms and biocatalyst showed slightly higher, significant and appreciable quantities of nutrient content than Moringa oleifera bed. Results indicated that the combination of three tier systems reduced the overall time required for composting and accelerated the composting of organic waste and enriched biofertilizer. Secondly, it is feasible technology for farmers and in soil sciences.


Keywords : Vermicompost, Leaf litter, Cow dung biocatalyst, Bio-fertilizer, Soil fertility, Macro and micronutrients