Volume No. 9 Issue No.: 1 Page No.: 260-270 July-September 2014




Thakkar M. G. *1 and Chhaya Kajal2

1. Department of Earth and Environmental Science, KSKV Kachchh University, Gujarat (INDIA)
2. SYNCHRO, An academy of Art, Music and cultural activities, Adipur, Kachchh, Gujarat (INDIA)


Received on : November 10, 2013




Existence of all living beings on our planet has reasons to be or not to be. Beyond it also has a reason for non-living elements on our planet or cosmic elements in this universe, which we know or all unknown to our mind even though it is fact that every creation is living element. The harmony is governed by some media, though it is amongst the human beings, within animal or plant kingdoms or within various spheres exists on earth. We may assign it as a way of communication or interaction or integration but that medium is the force of transformation and modification of forms in the cosmos. Music as a complex and varied form of sounds has a mystic and eternal effect on human cyclic psyche and same as for all creations, but we may not percept. They too play with this form of energy, so as all kingdoms. The conception of the world to universe cannot be as exception that the sound dominate or influence on their subsistence. The essence of this piece of study lies in the strong influence of a harmonized and complex forms of sound as Ragas known in Indian music that effectively stimulate physical, physico-chemical and bio-chemical reactions through the medium of abstract form of human psyche and surrounding context. The Ragas as a perfect form of harmonized and rythmized group of naad, strongly related to perceptions of our minds. As speech and words are coded sounds that make suggestions and that controls all human beings and other living kingdoms too. Ragas could be eternal suggestions with no specific codes as universal harmony may not be codified but to percept. The total cosmos as a larger unit, believed to be formed with a big sound that enforce the elements to unite, disperse to transform or to make the complex elemental world that of ours. Each form of sound, element and compound has a special sound attached with, so as each human beings. Hence, a way of performing a harmonized complex group of sounds influence on abstract sphere of the human beings to the physical forms of energy exists in the entire universe. With years of experiments on various ragas and their strong influence on humans’ psyche, the authors have construed that the sounds/ the ragas govern the human relations, controls over all the living, physical to abstract reactions and that of entire cosmos.


Keywords : Ragas, Human psyche, Cosmic reactions, Plant kingdom, Mystic