Volume No. 9 Issue No.: 1 Page No.: 7-14 July-September 2014




Khan Mujiburrehman

Environmental Engineer, Dar al Handasa, Al-Aziziyah, Makkah (SAUDI ARABIA)


Received on : December 10, 2013




This study is to understand and quantify the hydrological responses of land use and land cover changes due to rapid urbanization of Mithi river watershed. The Mithi river watershed is one of the most developed regions in India with the rapid urbanization which serves as an excellent case study site for understanding the hydrological response to urbanization.HEC-HMS 3.5 model, which makes direct use of land cover (impervious area and land use data) in simulating flood flow, provides a useful tool for performing such studies and is therefore used in this study. The result obtained shows that (1) the expansion of urban areas had a considerable influence on the time to peak, (2) peak flow and time to peak are found to be more sensitive to urbanization, which had increased by 4 % and declined by 45 minutes, respectively and (3) analysis of results shows that time to peak decreases suddenly when impervious area increases from 50% to 70%. In conclusion, the urbanization would have an impact on peak discharge, time to peak and flood volume in the study area. The study suggested that more attention must be given for flood mitigation and water resources management in planning future urban development in the region.


Keywords : Arc Map 10.1, Curve number, Flood hazards, HEC-HMS 3.5 model, HecGeoHMS, Land cover, Urbanization