Volume No. 8 Issue No.: 4 Page No.: 1016-1020 April-June 2014




Deshmukh C. K.* and Dharamkar D. W.

Department of Zoology, Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati, Maharashtra (INDIA)


Received on : January 20, 2014




The Dnyanganga wild life sanctuary is situated 8 km from Buldhana and 20 km from Khamgaon town near the Dnyanganga river of Maharashtra, India. There are two lakes within the 205.21 sq km sanctuary and it is geometrically situated 20°25 to 20°40 and 76°15 to 76°30 at a height of 360 to 600 meters from sea level. The sanctuary has good deciduous dense forest area and containing trees like Sag, Dhavada, Moin, Surya, Kalamb, Injar, Bija, Moha, Charoli, Tamarind, Amla, Behda, Anjan, Bel, Salai etc. and shrubs like Nirgudi, Borati, Amti, Raymoniya, Bharati. Numbers of wild life animals are reported from here including rarely sighting of tigers. About 150 species of birds are recorded by bird watchers. This sanctuary is rich with diversity of higher groups of vertebrates but reports are not available on invertebrates regarding their role even the most important and significant group of arthropods such as insects. Therefore, the present topic is selected for study of diversity of butterflies (Order Lepidoptera) of Dnyanganaga sanctuary. The survey is done from June 2011-February 2012. Following butterflies were found and identified from their morphological key characters by using available literature 1. Eurema hecabe (common grass yellow) 2. Hasora chromus (common banded awl ) 3. Jamides celeno (common cerulean) 4. Euploea core (common crow) 5. Cepora nerissa (common gull) 6. Castalius rosimon (common pierrot) 7. Cigaritis vulcanus (common silver line) 8. Pareronia valeria (common wanderer) 9. Pachliopta hector (crimson rose) 10. Junonia almanac (peacock pansy) 11. Graphium Agamemnon (tailed jay) 12. Junonia orithya (blue pansy) 13. Vanessa cardui (painted lady) 14. Ypthima huebnerii (common four ring) 15. Danaus chrysippus (plain tiger) 16. Danaus genutia ( stripped tiger) 17. Catopsilia Pomona (lemon emigrant) 18. Catopsilia pyranthe (mottled emigrant) 19. Ariadne merione (common castor) 20. Ariadne ariadne (angled castor) 21. Hypolamnas bolina (great egg fly ) 22. Hypolamnas misippus (danaid egg fly) 23. Zizeeria karsandra (dark grass blue) 24. Pachliopta aristolochiae (common rose). Few are still unidentified. The life cycles of identified species are studied. In the present study family Nymphalidae is found dominant than Hespiiidae, Pieridae, Lycanidae, Papilionidae.


Keywords : Dnyanganga, Sanctuary, Butterfly, Diversity, Nymphalidae