Volume No. 8 Issue No.: 1 Page No.: 40-49 Jul-Sept. 2013




Ariana Striniqi Laçej*1 and Kastriot Misja2

1. Faculty of Nattyral Sciences, University of Shkodra “Luigj Gurakuqi”( ALBANIA)
2. Faculty of Nattyral Sciences, Department of Botany, University of Tirana (ALBANIA)


Received on : April 05, 2013




In this paper some Nothern-Albania Lepidopterofauna species are presented which endangered in their habitats and have their threatened categories at the national level based on the Red List of IUCN (International Union for conservation of Nature). There are exactly 80 species with their risked categories. These data are derivative of a several-year monitoring, based on expeditions carried out in different areas of the country. About 80 species of insects Order (Odonata 3 species, Mantoptera 3 species, Neuroptera 2 species, Lepidoptera 57 species, Coleoptera 15 species ) from different regions of Northern Albania. Most of them seem to be threatened on their habitats, belonging to the IUCN red list, where: 57 species belong to the vulnerable category (VU), such as Erynnis tages 10 are near threatened species (LR), such as Ceriagrion tenellum 6 are endangered (EN), such as Pyrgus armoricanus 4 are critically endangered (CR) such as Parnassius appollo, 3 are Data deficient (DD) such as Erebia melas Some of threatening aspects are related with their habitat, like the deterioration or disturbing, especially during reproductive period (i.e. before the egg disposal), pollution of waters and other ecological changes. We wish to contribute in the further knowledge of insectophauna of Albania region, focusing also in preservation and conservation of endangered species and their respective habitats, especially warm field-hilly regions, warm lower grass areas, rich vegetation areas and water heated areas.


Keywords : Threatened species, Endangered species, IUCN category, Red list of insects, Habitat, Scientific name, Chorology, Bio-ecology of species