Volume No. 7 Issue No.: 4A Page No.: 1591-1596 April-June 2013




Gohil Bharatsinh*1and Kundu Rahul2

1. Department of Life Sciences, Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar (INDIA)
2. Department of Bio Sciences, Saurashtra University, Rajkot (INDIA)


Received on : December 07, 2012




Marine environment is an exciting with field extremely rich bio-resources and diverse field of endeavor. Marine ecosystem is known to be one of the richest amongst the entire living ecosystem, which is more diverse than the terrestrial system. It represents rich marine biota in different parts of the oceans from the surface to the deepest part. Marine species are apart of specific ecosystems assessing the condition of ecosystem is a useful indicator of threats to species level, diversity. Marine species provide a number of functions, which are very important to human survival and well being. Intertidal organisms have proved to be suitable for such direct experimentation because of the case of access to intertidal areas and because of the relatively sessile nature and great abundance. Saurashtra region which is the western protrusion of the Gujarat state of India has a vast coastal line. Availability of varied nature of substrate on this coastal line makes it a suitable place for rich biota. Mancinella bufo is a molluscus species that are found mostly on the upper and upper middle littoral zone of the rocky intertidal substratum. They occur in the walls of the pools or creeks where water accumulates for a longer duration and prefer a smooth surface to move on. As they are covered with a very hard and thick solid shell, fluctuation in physical condition hardly brings any change on their distribution. It was observed from the present investigation that the frequency values did not show any definite trend at the sites. It is evident that there is no significant difference of the population abundance existed between the sites as well as among the seasons. Thus, the present investigation was design to study the ecological status of Mancinella bufo at Dwarka sea coast, Gujarat, India.


Keywords : Marine environment, Mancinella bufo, Dwarka Sea Coast, Intertidal zone, Ecological status